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Khalsa Hospital Management Anaesthesia Department brings the expertise of well-experienced anesthesiologists, highly trained for providing anaesthesia to people of all ages, ensuring maximum safety and care. 
Our department has won accolades for successfully anaesthetising a premature baby, weighing 1.16 kg for craniotomy. We were also acclaimed for performing brain surgery on a young man under peripheral nerve blocks, in which the patient was awake and was working on his laptop while his skull was opened and his brain was operated upon.
We extend our high-quality anaesthesia services and care 24*7 for both inpatient and outpatient surgeries, critical care and chronic pain management for all surgical departments, such as neurosurgery, cardiology, paediatrics, gynaecology, obstetrics, neonatal, oncology, general surgeries, ENT, plastic surgery, renal transplant and other departments.
Our team excels in providing different types of anaesthesia to people with advanced techniques, that include Local Anaesthesia, General Anaesthesia, Conscious or Intravenous Sedation, Regional Anaesthesia, Peripheral Nerve Blocks and more. 
Our team conducts a pre-operative patient assessment along with a detailed evaluation to determine the current health condition by closely monitoring the functioning of the body. Based on the evaluations, they provide the balance of medication and the type of anaesthesia required for the patient. They also keep monitoring the patient closely, ensuring that the patient stays safe and pain-free during and after the surgical treatment.


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Meet Dr. DR. VANDANA .Working with us for more than 3 year. Specialist in ANAESTHESIA DEPARTMENT