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Khalsa Hospital Management state-of-the-art Centre for Endocrinology and Diabetes renders quality care to people of all ages for diabetes, hormonal imbalances and other diseases and disorders related to the endocrine glands. 
In addition to diabetes, our expert endocrinologists also diagnose and treat a range of other conditions related to hormone imbalances, including thyroid disorders, pituitary disorders, adrenal disorders, and metabolic disorders. Specialised care is provided to pregnant women with diabetes, thyroid and other hormonal conditions. 
Focused technology like Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS), Insulin Pumps, Fundus Cameras etc. is used to ensure effective diagnosis & treatment to the patients. We also leverage the expertise of specialists like surgeons, nuclear medicine specialists, radiation therapy specialists for managing endocrine tumors and cancers. Our dedicated paediatric endocrinologists offer care to infants, children and adolescents with issues related to hormones, obesity, growth disorders etc. 
Our doctors counsel the patients and their families and guide them with all necessary preventive and curative measures for the conditions. 
Comprehensive care and management is provided for: 
Type I Diabetes
Type II Diabetes
Diabetes in Pregnancy 
Thyroid Disorders in Pregnancy and Childhood
Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis 
Hyperthyroidism/Graves’ Disease
Thyroid Eye Disease/Thyroid Associated Ophthalmopathy
Hyperparathyroidism/Hypoparathyroidism (high/low calcium)
Thyroid and Parathyroid Tumors
Vitamin D Deficiency, Osteoporosis, Rickets
Adrenal Disorders- Adrenal Tumors, Cushing Syndrome, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Adrenal Insufficiency, Pheochromocytoma etc
Pituitary Tumours and Pituitary Gland Hormone disorders like Growth Hormone Deficiency, Prolactinoma (High Prolactin), Diabetes Insipidus etc
Hypogonadism / Low Testosterone, Male Infertility, Delayed Puberty & Early Puberty

Diabetic Foot

People with long-standing diabetes are at a risk of numerous complications like diabetic kidney disease, diabetic retinopathy, heart disease, diabetic neuropathy etc. Diabetic foot is also a potentially serious but preventable complication of diabetes. Periodic examination of feet for neurovascular function and any deformities helps to identify feet at risk and take preventive measures timely to prevent foot ulceration and amputation. Our all-in-one Diabetic foot minilab offers a complete assessment of the neurovascular supply of feet and any abnormal pressure areas in the sole. A foot examination is recommended at least once a year for everyone with diabetes. Our plastic surgeons use innovative techniques for reconstructive surgeries for managing diabetic feet. We provide the patient with optimum care and other rehabilitation facilities for complete healing and quicker recovery.


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Meet Dr. DR. SURVIT JAIN.Working with us for more than 5 YEARS. Specialist in ENDOCRINOLOGY DEPARTMENT