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Khalsa Hospital Management for Urology provides comprehensive urological care services to people of all ages - from paediatrics to geriatric age groups, both males and females. We help in locking the leak and taking the flow out of your mind. 
Our highly skilled team of urologists bring their expertise to providing round-the-clock patient-centric care under different departments for female urology, male urology, paediatric urology etc for a wide range of urological problems like urinary tract infections, urinary tract stones, kidney stones, incontinence, prostate surgery, urological cancers, male infertility and more.
The centre is equipped with full-fledged technologies like Advanced 100 Watt Holmium Laser, Lithotripter, Laparoscope, Advanced Uroflowmetry system, and other imaging equipment for Ultrasonography, Intraoperative Ultrasound, Helical CT, PET CT, PSMA PET CT and more.                                                            

Comprehensive management and care are provided at the centre for:  

Kidney Stones through procedures like RIRS, MINI PCNL, SUPER PCNL, SUPINE PCNL and ECIRS. 
Prostate Enlargement through Urolift Surgery, Laser Prostatectomy, HoLEP, TORP, Prostate Artery Embolization.
Urological Cancers through onco-diagnostic and consultation facilities, Laparoscopic Surgeries, Radiotherapy etc. 
Immediate control of urge urinary incontinence via Intravesical Botox Injection.
Stress Urinary Incontinence through Transvaginal/Obturator Tape (TVT-O).
Urethral Stricture via Endoscopic(OIU) and Reconstructive Surgeries(urethroplasty).
Sexual disorders and infertility issues for male patients through Micro-varicocelectomy and Penile Implant.
Congenital urinary anomalies via advanced surgical and treatment.


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Meet Dr. DR. SURENDER BHAKAR.Working with us for more than 6 year. Specialist in UROLOGY & ANDROGOLY DEPARTMENT